5 Jan 2013


Tasmania is sweltering in unwelcome heat.
Some parts of the state are suffering devastating bushfires

Late afternoon we headed to a beach on the north west coast.
We drove through a patchwork quilt of fields, many planted with potatoes, poppies and onions.


Not a beach of big waves but it was cooler than home and no hot wind to bother us.


We played in the water, 

had a BBQ 
and drove home through the twilight.


4 Responses to “hot”

  1. Thinking of you all in Tasmania have just been watching on tv. We are expecting 44deg today.
    Stay safe.

  2. We had a hot one yesterday but had a nice cool change in the early evening. Cooler today. The Tasmanian fires are terrible, I do hope they can get them out soon without more devastation. It's just a horrible time of year. Happy New Year to you, Jenny. That beach looks wonderful!

  3. We've had coolish temps so far but have heard about Tassie and SA.

  4. Our thoughts are with you in Tassie with the fires.


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