Sweet Heart dolls

17 Jan 2013

A long time ago in cyber years, back early in 2007 I met a blogger who became a friend though we have never met and have had long periods when we haven't even chatted, but we always know the other is there with us in spirit.

My dear Jewels showed on her blog a wondrous world of sunshine and snow and children big and small and food shared and memories made. 
Towards the end of 2007 I made some dolls that I called Sweet Heart dolls, inspired by the wonderful clothes that Jewel's little ones wore at the time. 
My take on them was simple and sweet and I sold many through Etsy, through custom orders, through local shops and markets.
 That Christmas of 2007 was the year my online business really took off and I feel I owe it in part to the way my friend made me aware of how much I love the wide eyed wonder years of a child's life, those years of pure childhood joy when they revel in their independence, no longer toddlers and not yet pre teens. 
My Sweet Heart dolls tapped into my memories of those golden sunshine years.

It's time now, I feel in my heart, to revisit the simplicity and beauty of those dolls.
Dolls inspired by those Sweet Hearts, by the clothes of the Eyes of Wonder crew and by my own memories and feelings for the childhood years of my children and me.

I hope you will enjoy seeing them come to life.

3 Responses to “Sweet Heart dolls”

  1. I love those little outfits Jewels babies wore...so sweet,and I remember when you first started making them for your dolls...they were some of my favorites. Can't wait to see the new ones you will be making...blessings Jen


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