Rosanna Maria

31 Jan 2013

I know this might sound creepy but last week when I went to visit my father's grave, my daughter and I went for a stroll around the cemetery and happened upon the area with the children's graves, the ones with headstones.
 My dad's grave is near the children's lawn cemetery but there is another area where you can't help but notice how small the graves are and how touching the headstones are. 

One of the headstones was for a little girl called Rosanna Maria, and it was joyful and sorrowful.
 Joyful for the life that had been and sorrowful for the all the days that could have been but would never be.

Such a pretty name, like music.
I didn't take note of her surname or the dates of her life.
I could see her family's love in the beautiful headstone and her name has been in my head ever since.

This is my Rosanna Maria, a girl with laughter in her eyes and music in her name.

4 Responses to “Rosanna Maria”

  1. Rosanna Maria's hair is stunning Jenny. Is this a new material/technique? The hair always look wonderful on your dolls but ... wow.

  2. It is made from wefted mohair fibre, so strands of washed mohair sewn together ( by someone else) and then I make a wig out of it

  3. Jenny, not creepy at all. I recall taking my Grandmother to the cemetery where her parents, and several of her brothers and sisters were buried. It was like a family visit. She told me their stories, and I know she communed with them. It is a moment I treasure.

    Rosanna Maria is lovely, and her hair is stunning. A very touching way to keep this unknown child in your heart.

  4. Interesting posting that brings back so many memories. Visiting a loved one's grave at a cemetery is such a grounding connection with the circle of life. When we visit loved ones our family often walk among the paths and view the headstones also. It is always so peaceful and seeing the names of the those placed in their resting spots gives us all pause to remember that we should spend our days wisely. Remembering the contribution each has made in their own special way, no matter how long or short the time that each of those individuals has made to others in the world around them. It makes me focus even more on the important simple things in life that I enjoy each time I return home. Family, Faith and Friends. Time is so short.

    A beautiful sounding name and a head of hair that is truly remarkable. I've never seen quite the same type of hair Jenny as you have on your dolls. You really have a flair and it makes your dolls very special. I love viewing each new creation.



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