21 Jan 2013

Erica's story

Erica ran down the path to the sea, wind in her face, tussock grass either side, soft sand under her feet.

Bursting out onto the beach she tossed aside her towel, her new for Christmas beach towel and headed full tilt for the water.

The first wavelets made her stop, stop and stare out to sea. She breathed deep all the air of summer then turned back toward the shore where mum was planting the umbrella and making camp. Erica waved, mum waved back. 

Water played with her legs, the wind tugged at her hair she giggled, she jumped and splashed, she stood very still and looked at the tiny fish swimming into her world, she sat down in the water and let the waves lap onto her body, she stood up quickly and ran in further and was chased back by a playful wave.

It was blissful and joyful and summer and she was happy.

Erica, copper hair held up in a messy ponytail

         tanned skin, blue blue eyes
        rose coloured swimmers and a towel,

      soft floaty sun top and pedal pushers, washed out florals, blue and white

      mjs/sandals, a floppy hat

nb have fun!!

One Response to “Notebook”

  1. A perfect sketch, Jenny. I can see her and she delights the inner eye :-)



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