Jilly Rabbit

15 Jan 2013

Jilly Rabbit in a borrowed dress

Here she is finished but in a borrowed dress.
I felt I had to get her finished in a day or she would languish, half done while I went back to my first love, my dolls.

So she is done and I quite like her though I didn't feel entirely comfortable with the process. 
When I first starting making dolls I made country style cloth dolls, made from woven cotton and I enjoyed it. I used lots of other people's patterns 
and I used my own patterns and it was a medium I felt comfortable with .
Then I made my first Waldorf ( Steiner) doll and I was hooked.

Waldorf dolls are made from cotton knit fabric something I have never felt comfortable sewing but with my dolls it is different, it obeys me and we work together to make whatever my mind dreams up.

It's good though to step out of my comfort zone, interesting to be following someone else's instructions and vision and I will do more because I want to regain the skills I had with woven cotton  and push myself to be creative in another medium. 
It's still dolls, it's still sewing and needle crafts but it is so different.

One Response to “Jilly Rabbit”

  1. Love your gingham bunny! I think she likes her tutu and wants to dance, with those long legs and arms! :)


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