Gingham and florals

12 Jan 2013


Doing some quiet, just for me sewing today.
A vintage toy pattern that I tracked down last year and have been wanting to make.
What is it about gingham that is so enchanting?
And gingham and florals - magic!

7 Responses to “Gingham and florals”

  1. When I was a teenager, I made a gingham dress in every color I could find!

  2. Want to see your toy!! I was just looking at vintage toy patterns this week, so many adorable ones!!

    1. I just love the artwork on the pattern envelopes, so lovely

  3. Can't wait to see the finished bunny... looks like it will be beautiful!!

  4. looking forward to seeing the finished project, if you post the pics :)

  5. I love gingham too! What a sweet bunny pattern


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