gingerbread house

2 Jan 2013


When my children were small Christmas Eve was the longest day in their lives and to pass the time and add some magic we would make a ginger bread house together.
I don't have a single picture of any of the houses we made but you will believe me I'm sure.

If I was organised I would have the pieces for the house made days before, if not then the house stages took most of the day; making the mixture and letting it cool, rolling it out and then cutting out the shapes, baking and cooling and then finally the assembling.

The house shape was and is always the same, from a recipe I kept from an old Handmade magazine.

Christmas Eve is a long day, sitting so close to the summer solstice and with our long southern twilight it seems to never end.

In the afternoon of December 24th we would assemble the house ready to be decorated, cover a tray with Christmas paper or foil and consider the best position to build our house.
 Edges of gingerbread were dawbed with royal icing and then little hands would hold things in place while the mortar dried and stuck fast.

Lolly bags were sorted through and plans for decoration would begin but then there was a break in the proceedings. The church up the road for some years held a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve. It wasn't well attended so it was quite an intimate affair. Members of the congregation would read parts of the Christmas story and there were happy hymns to sing and the finale was a big birthday cake complete with candles and the children sang Happy Birthday to baby Jesus. Then we would all go across to the hall where I had gone to Sunday School so many years before and there would be party food spread out on tables and lots of happy smiles and eating and chatting.

By the end it was around 6.30pm and we would walk home, one year we were surprised by a neighbour dressed as Santa giving out lollies to passers by.
 Stephen would be home from work by the time we got home and it was time to decorate out gingerbread house.
This was a children's only activity, adults only got to join in if there was adult help needed.
And may I say the houses were always beautiful .

The house then had to stay untouched until the New Year.

The past couple of years the gingerbread house hasn't happened.
 Kate was determined that it would happen this year.
She made the gingerbread dough a couple of days before Christmas and we bought the lollies ready to decorate but time and willing helpers were in short supply.

New Year's Eve she managed to talk Andy and me into helping her get it all together.
I helped with the baking and Andy chimed in to help out with the construction and then the two of them happily worked away for more than an hour decorating the house.

Perhaps a new tradition has been born.






10 Responses to “gingerbread house”

  1. That is so sweet. We usually make birchbark houses on Christmas .pEve as a way to pass the time. We just finished making them today!

  2. Beautiful!!!!! I love it & esp hearing about your tradition... ♥♥♥

  3. A beautiful story Jenny. Thanks for sharing
    cheers Kate

  4. I love to hear the traditions of other families, a beautiful story Jenny. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the traditions as the years evolve.

    My little story is that every year I make the same recipes for our Christmas lunch. While enjoyimg our lunch this year i mentioned that I might try some different recipes next year. Well, the table went graveyard quiet before a mighty avalanche of NO's & we can'ts it would be breaking tradition swamped the room. Guess I know what I will be making next year already!!

    Happy New Year to you & yours

  5. Love that gingerbread house Kate! Wonderful story Jenny.

  6. Happy New Year Jenny!...Wishing you and your family all good things in 2013...I love your pretty gingerbread's magical!
    Susan x

  7. wow, that's got to be the most elaborate gingerbread house, its gorgeous and I can tell made after a good few years of practice:) I'm not sure if I've commented here before but I enjoy your blog and your dolls are fab

  8. What a gorgeous gingerbread house, love the front gate and pathway to the door. Best wishes to you Jenny and your family for a wonderful year ahead.

  9. Gingerbread houses are a big thing here at my house too after 13 y.o. daughter made 29 one year to sell to finance a trip abroad. One year a commercial kit we were given became a Valentine house, decorated with pink icing and pink and red candy and Valentine hearts....just saying that hey! it's not too late!

  10. Oh I love love love this idea for our long hot christmas eve's here in Australia.
    Thankyou, as always, for sharing this wonderful idea.


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