7 Jan 2013


The hellish Tasmanian bushfires continue and now other parts of Australia look set to join in.
The Tasmanian community is joining together as communities do at these times and moving to give as much help as they can in all sorts of ways.
When your house burns to the ground and there is no time to save anything 
then you need everything
 from deodorant to medical supplies to clean underwear.

In our garden we are watering as we can to stop the hot weather from  wreaking too much havoc.
We are safe from the fires and for that we are very grateful.

And while we weren't looking the apricots ripened.
The birds were looking and they are feasting.


2 Responses to “Garden”

  1. Glad you are in a safe place Jenny, we are too. However it seems all Australia is sweltering. We are in our 5th day of over 40deg, I did not like the last Winter but I am not looking forward to our next electricity bill, but at least we are fortunate to have a small air conditioner.
    Keep cool and stay safe everyone.

  2. Hello Jenny, best wishes first of all and I certainly wish for you and every one 'down under' to be safe from the huge terrible fires I hear about on the radio the last couple of days! They mention Australia only, that's why I checked your blog today, to see if Tasmania is on fire too, and to find out if you and your family are in a safe spot... So it's good to see your message. It's difficult enough already to live and work in such temperatures.. Jenny, greetings from the other site of the globe we live on, I sincerely hope things will get better for you all (soon!) Annasoer


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