11 Jan 2013


Do you remember when you were a child and summers lasted forever and home was almost your whole world and your special toys were just like friends and the rituals of your family were how things were and you didn't know they could be any other way. 

 Do you remember when you went to visit a friend's house, maybe share a meal with them and they did things differently, maybe almost the same as at your house but not quite and somehow it felt more exciting than your own family and when you went back home you saw things with new eyes and maybe even felt a little guilty that you had for a moment judged the place and family who had been your whole wonderful world.

 Do you remember as an adult revisiting something or some place from your childhood, your private childhood that you shared just with your family and being rushed back at warp speed to that life, the smells, the feelings, the certainties and the anxieties, the hopes and the dreams, the rituals and rhythms.

me and my little sister 1964

 Do you ever think , now as a parent, that the home and life you give your children is their summer lasts forever world, and you are the mummy in the picture in their head that is home, while you still carry your own version of your summer childhood world around in your head and it colours everything you do whether you acknowledge it or not. 
Fancy that, you are a major player in a movie that will always be there for better, for worse, on the playlist in your child's head.

 Awesome and scary all mixed together.

Spring Beach, mid 1960s

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  1. And that's exactly what it is...it's the circle of life. Lovely words and pictures!

  2. Only someone who is a loving mother, trying her best to give her children only the best life has to offer, could write such a lovely post. Every child deserves a Mom like this, but not many actually have one. Bless you!


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