20 Jan 2013


I so love making dolls, it defines and refines everything I do. 
Most likely it takes up far too many hours of my days.

rainbow gumboots

My goal for this year is balance in all areas of my life
 and limiting my dollmaking is  much like denying yourself a certain favourite food,
 I can now think of little else. 
But I will persevere because I believe my life needs more balance,
 even if it only serves to enhance my dollmaking.


  By making limitations on the time I allow my self to work on my dolls
 it makes that time more precious and intense and productive 
and so enjoyable.

So I am striving to achieve balance with the full knowledge that the occasional slip up  is
and human
and entirely forgiveable.

( and yes I did spend several hours stitching doll bodies on a summer Saturday
 while the rest of the family went swimming...oh dear)


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