Baby Bunny

17 Jan 2013

When I was a teenager, a crafty teenager, I was always knitting and sewing and trying new handicrafts.

I remember being interested in knitted toys but also feeling they were a bit daggy, something that grannies made and little kids liked but that was it. Everyone else in between tried to ignore these strange knitted beings. 
You found these knitted lovelies at church fetes and school fairs along with knitted coat hangers.

Part of the problem with them was that the knitting nana's round these parts used acrylic yarns which were very acrylic looking in my youth.
 Fair enough to use the cheapest thing they could find I guess when they were knitting  to raise money for charity.

So I stayed away from knitting toys until more recent times when I have allowed myself to indulge my secret passion every now and then. 
There are so many wonderful patterns around and I have so much yarn and there is a more appreciative audience. 


Over the past couple of days I have been knitting a rabbit. 
I based my pattern on a Barbara Prime pattern but I knew in my head how I wanted it to look I just needed Barbara there by my side to steer me in the right direction.

So Baby bunny is almost done, one leg is yet to be stitched on and I need to make another one because there are a few little things I would like to change but overall I am very happy with this little one.

Do you love knitted toys?

You can find links to lots of knitted toy designers in this old post


4 Responses to “Baby Bunny”

  1. I love toys Jenny.
    I have just finished knitting baby bunny and basket from Flutterby Patch.
    My husband thinks it is very cute!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Just wondering if the full size jammy got sold. I think I must have missed it

  3. Hi Michelle, I didn't get the Jammy dodger finished so she will be available on Wednesday.


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