Ana and Will

9 Jan 2013

rainbow gumboots

I made some rainbow gumboots for little William.


Did you have rainbow gumboots when you were a child.
I did and I loved them.
I had some tartan ones too and they were beautiful.


Anastasia and William are waiting on their clothes but they don't mind.
It's very lazy weather here and this is a very lazy house.


I am going to make some boots for Ana too and then the rest of their clothes 
and if all is done by the weekend they will pop in the shop with Ailsa 
to celebrate the reopening of little jenny wren dolls etsy shop.

Anastasia and William

2 Responses to “Ana and Will”

  1. Great looking boots!

    I surely hope you are no where near the fires that are consuming the middle of your country. I know Australia has had several years of terrible drought; I think of your countrymen and women often.

    It is always a pleasure to come and spend time in your playroom, Jenny :-) Take care.


    1. Hi Beth, thankfully the fires are no where near our home or any of the rest of the family. it is a terrible thing though.


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