almost finished

31 Jan 2013


The last week of school and university holidays means that things will be returning to normal rhythm here soon. 
It will still be summer but the holidays will be over.

I have enjoyed these past weeks, more than two months, with the house full again, sometimes more than full.
We have had a lovely summer,
 almost like those ones when you were a child, where the days lasted forever, one after the other.

But it had to end, Kate has a school camp this weekend and starts school early next week, Andy is finalising his subjects for his new year at Uni and Louis is preparing to start his honours year.
 Stephen is back at work and I am very ready to get back into the swing of my usual days.
 Days of home keeping and dollmaking and all those other things that come along. 
One month of the year has passed already, imagine that.


2 Responses to “almost finished”

  1. Hi Jenny!
    I'm glad you had such a glorious summer with your house full of love! It's snowy here. I'm craving spring at the moment.

  2. yep. just like that. there goes a whole month.

    Glad you enjoyed your 'full house'... which will soon be balanced out again by it not being so full xo


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