Sarah Jane

7 Dec 2012


Having trouble deciding what this girl should wear. 
It happens sometimes , when I am  busy making commissioned dolls with a definite person in mind as I make the doll, that when I turn to make a just because doll I get stuck.
 I knew when I started her what I wanted her to look like but I don't really know her story,
 I don't really know how she should be.

 So while I sew today,
 clothes for other dolls,
 Sarah Jane and I will play a little and get to know each other 
and then we will discover her story.
I do think that behind that sweet face is quite a cheeky little lass.
I also think she likes  cats, well she likes my cats especially Maggie who is fluffy and white and very playful and thankfully stays well away from my worktable.
I think too she is very excited about Christmas but aren't we all.


Sarah Jane  is this weekend's doll and will be in the shop sometime over the next three days.
 Once I get her dressed I'll let you know when she will be available.


2 Responses to “Sarah Jane”

  1. She is adorable Jenny! That is what my mom wanted to name me lol

  2. Ooh, she is lovely! :)


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