21 Dec 2012

Harriet Georgia Mischiefmaker

My final two dolls for the year are finished,
one a just because doll who is waiting in the shop
 for a family to find her and love her .
The other a doll for a friend to give her pregnant daughter
who is going to sleep with the doll before her baby is born so the doll carries her scent
and then give the doll to her new little one for comfort and security.
 Nice idea huh?


2012  has been a busy year 
with lots of adventures and experiments and growth and joy.

I learned quite a lot about my gorgeous customers who are loyal and true with hearts that love the simplicity and innocence of my dolls, they love their  playfulness and childlike qualities.

I want to spend my holiday time thinking about the way ahead for little jenny wren dolls.
 I really want to make sure that I get the balance right with all aspects of my life.

 I love the time between Christmas and New Year for reflecting and dreaming oh and for reading and knitting and snoozing and walking and gardening and chatting and ...

Harriet Georgia Mischiefmaker

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  1. How sweet! It is a nice idea!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  2. I will convey the suggestion about sleeping with the (Steiner, all natural, of course) doll that I have for my unborn nephew to his mother, thank you!


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