greater than the sum of its parts

6 Dec 2012


So Christmas is sprinting towards me and I am hiding behind the mountains of yarn and fabric trying to stay in my peaceful pace as I work towards getting all my Christmas dolls finished.


They will be finished and they will be posted in time for Christmas but each day the inevitable
  finishing line looms closer.


  All the dolls are made, most have their hair and faces and some have their clothes.


  Things take as long as they take and can't really be hurried so I have to stay in my peaceful place and know that it will be done and enjoy the process and the result.
Each little part must be done and it must be done so that it satisfies me,
this is the work of my hands, my heart and my mind
and it must please me  and absorb me, it is the focus of so many hours of my days.


One Response to “greater than the sum of its parts”

  1. Here's wishing that you finish in time to get all the dolls to their new homes.
    Merry Christmas!


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