Christmas morning

25 Dec 2012

Christmas morning

Christmas morning and the family still sleeps.
I woke at my usual time and I've been reading and thinking and enjoying the peace.

The whole day lies waiting for me and I do so enjoy this now usual peaceful slow start to Christmas.

I'm loving a Christmas that we all make rather than just me being the Christmas magician who makes the family celebration happen while giving the jolly old boy in the red suit all the accolades.

Seems Christmas has become a time for us to be grateful for all we have, 
especially  grateful for our little family, 
a day to celebrate family and peace and love and to be truly kind to one another,
to share presents that say I really like you and  thanks for being around.

That's a pretty good thing don't you think.
That little baby born so long ago started something pretty good.

One Response to “Christmas morning”

  1. I love your thoughts about the being the Christmas magician - yes, we are slowly moving towards a shared family Christmas rather than mum and dad making it all happen for the children. Nice, isn't it. Hope the rest of your day was just lovely.


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