29 Dec 2012

finally made the so called Christmas cake, now known as the New Year's cake

So today I finally made the Christmas cake. 
The fruit has been macerating for about two weeks and is probably a touch over done but it smelled OK and tasted OK so I bravely went on. 
With five fresh eggs courtesy of Biddy and Alice and enough spices to sink a ship the cake was mixed by hand in the biggest mixing bowl I have, everyone took turns and then it was into the oven.

It has now become the New Year's cake and with a few dousings of brandy between now and then should be just the thing to celebrate 2013.

The backyard is still home to the tent, put up for Kate's vintage tea party the week before Christmas and now a cat sauna it would seem.
Shackleton and Badger ( two of our cats) seem to become semi comatose when they sleep in there and will miss it terribly when it comes down.

1970s in my back yard

2 Responses to “cake”

  1. Hope your cake turned out well Jenny. This year I used a BBC recipe which produced a very nice one.

  2. Sounds yummy!
    I'm still making cookies today too . My future daughter in law is arriving from Florida and she loves especially one kind of my Christmas cookies . :)


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