Boots and Snowflake

8 Dec 2012

Sarah Jane

So I got theses new red boots and I love them...

Sarah Jane

I really really love them...

Sarah Jane

Do you love them?
I think they are sooooo cute

Sarah Jane

But not as cute as my kitten Snowflake.


I love Snowflake. 
She kisses my nose with her little nose and then she sniffs my face and it tickles.


Don't you think she's cute?
But this morning, in the garden she ran away and climbed the tree...


and I almost cried cos I couldn't reach her and she wouldn't come down and then,
 just when I thought I had lost her for good,
 she jumped down.


I love Snowflake and I love my red boots...
but mostly I love Snowflake.

 Sarah is a 14" Sweet Child style doll, she can wear clothes that fit my 12" dolls.
Sarah and Snowflake will be in my etsy shop this morning at 9.30am ADT
Check here for your time.
It is unlikely that the  doll will reach overseas destinations before Christmas.


5 Responses to “Boots and Snowflake”

  1. sarah, you are very elegant, and your snowflake is just adorable!

  2. So cute! I can always count on visiting your blog for a good dose of sweetness! :o)


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