12 Nov 2012

front garden, height of spring,7am

Such a perfect weekend after the wild weather on Friday.
Calm sunny days, calm sunny people.

Everyone was in a good mood, relaxed, happy.


The oregano and the daisies are slowly but surely taking over 
every crack in the paved area outside the back door. 
They grow so well without any help from anyone but the rain and the sun.


The elders are also self sown and thriving , though they are not allowed to stage a takeover. 
I love their foamy white blossoms.

Hope your weekend has been just the way you want it to be.


3 Responses to “weekending”

  1. Do you make anything with your Elder flowers or berries?

    1. Oh Tanya, every year I say I am going to and every year I am so busy with doll stuff when the bushes are in flower I miss out and I seem to not be concentrating when the berries come and the birds eat them. Perhaps this season I will do something.

  2. I really enjoyed your weekend post. Such a lovely garden you have. Happy week ahead to you.


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