This weekend's doll

1 Nov 2012

Clare Carol O'Brien

Sometime over the weekend Miss Clare will be going into the shop.
I made her  about 3 weeks ago but I still haven't made her any clothes of her own.

Tomorrow I am planning a big sewing day for my Christmas custom dolls so I will make her an outfit at the same time.

Clare is a Best Friend doll, 20" tall and very huggable, she sits easily and, according to my daughter, the Best Friend dolls feel like they are alive when you carry them.
This size doll can wear new born baby clothes as well as some styles meant for American Girl dolls so there is lots of dress up possibilities. 
Best friends have the same body shape as my 12" and 16" dolls, so a child style figure not a baby body type.
I think they are quite delightful and fell in love with this size doll from the very first prototype doll, Charlotte. 

Clare Carol O'Brien

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