29 Nov 2012


Starting to get that Christmasy feeling.
I know many of you already have it but I have to wait until I can smell it in the air.
I don't mean the cake and cooking aromas I mean the way the earth smells, early summer and the garden just starting to dry out a little, that kind of smell.
 When you step outside early in the morning you can smell the season don't you think.
While the rest of the neighbourhood is still half asleep the early risers know just where they are on the calendar.

I fell like this Christmas will be a good one though I can't quite shake that sad kind of feeling that comes with the still vivid memories of Christmas two years ago when Dad was in decline and dying and  my whole effort was involved in just keeping going, one step at a time.

Yesterday my  new Christmas stockings arrived.
Handmade but not by me.
I thought about making my own and then I saw these and was so enchanted by the craftsmanship that I decided to go ahead and buy them.

We are not hosting Christmas this year so I guess I will be given my job to do and apart from that I can relax and enjoy.
 After my crisis some years ago when Christmas felt so strange because the children were getting older
I now love our grown up Christmas,
there is more sharing and less pressure on me to make it all happen and that's nice.

Oh and while he was home last week Louis christened these two Margaret and David.
He is such a wag.


4 Responses to “Smelly”

  1. As I was watering my veggie patch this morning before heading off to work, I was thinking the same thing...the smell of Summer was in the air, which means Christmas and the holiday season is quickly approaching.
    Our family has also been experiencing a different kind of Christmas over the last few years as our children are now young adults. Our daughter is in Scotland on a 2 year work visa, and she hopes to visit friends in Estonia for a white Christmas. And our son will divide his time between our family, and go camping with friends over the New Year period.
    Also for me, I now tend to provide more for the big family Christmas luncheon, as my parents are getting older and they wish to take on less of the organisation.

  2. Hey,
    Lovely to see a homey post was waiting eagerly for it...
    Have a great holiday season...
    Post all about the meals cooked and other things done ...
    Best wishes

  3. Jenny you have a few years with older children and then there are grandchildren and it starts all over again!
    I just love Margaret & David!!! Louis has a real sense of humour!
    Have a great Christmas.

  4. Living in the northern hemisphere, it is so interesting to read what tou are feeling at this time of year


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