Rosie Posie Sweetheart

18 Nov 2012

A certain little brown skinned beauty has been hanging around the playroom for a while.
She had no clothes, and for a long time,
 she didn't really have a face, but that's all fixed now.

Rosie Posie has finally been given a dress, she has matching gingham knickers as well 
and I have to make her some shoes.
 She is such a gentle sweetheart and sooooo patient. 
Well mostly you have to be patient if you are a doll in this particular studio.
 Progress often goes in fits and starts as inspirations waxes and wanes.

I just love the green fabric of her dress don't you. 
Green can be a troublesome colour and it's not worn so much these days, 
especially a playful little green like this one. 
I think it was quite a popular clothing colour around the time of World War II.

So there is a little more work to do for Miss Rosie, some pretty shoes to be precise
 but I am hoping I can get them made tonight 
and Rosie will be in the shop tomorrow ( Monday in Australia).

3 Responses to “Rosie Posie Sweetheart”

  1. Rosie is totally adorable and I love the green dress. Her hair just makes you want to smile:) I hope she goes to a really good home.

  2. The green dress is just right! I know she'll be loved where ever she goes.

  3. From the Playroom to cold Finland, just to let Jessie's friends know that she arrived here :)


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