not according to plan.

14 Nov 2012


This week hasn't gone quite the way I planned it
and plan it I did.


I knew exactly what I wanted to get done and when.
I had realistic goals
but things got turned upside down.


For starters , my husband bought a new ( to us) car, a very rare occurrence in this household 
and this seemed to mean a lot of  my time was spent agreeing that he had done the right thing,
 sitting in said new car and appreciating that it was indeed lovely
 and a bargain and the right thing to do.

OK now back to my plan I innocently thought.


But it was not to be.
The second thing to happen was not so nice, the leech bite on my leg took a nasty turn for the worse and I have had to visit the doctor and then spend most of yesterday and today with my foot up, lying on the couch.
Not such a horrible thing to have to do because the view to the garden is lovely and the rose arch is just coming into flower but it did mean that my attempts to finish off the machine sewing I needed to do have had to be put a little further down the list.

I have managed lots of hand sewing and knitting though and if the leg looks a little better tomorrow then I can get back to the sewing machine and get those doll clothes finished.

I am enjoying having cups of tea brought to me when there is someone at home
 and I am enjoying not spending much time on the computer.

I am truly enjoying the gift of being forced to just quietly work,
the rhythm of hand sewing and knitting, 
and not be darting in one hundred different directions trying to
doll make,
 clothes make,
 home make,


4 Responses to “not according to plan.”

  1. sometimes, the universe tells us to rest :)

  2. A leech....brrr! That won't happen in Holland.. Take good care of yourself, the dolls won't mind, they are always patient, you know! And a step back might bring you new ideas ;]

  3. Take good care, Jenny; enjoy your downtime :-)


  4. I hope your leg will be much better soon. And I also hope you are left with the gift of realizing how important it is to rest and recharge. I know we don't actually "know" one another, but you strike me as the type that keeps going, and going, and going....!
    Take care of yourself!


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