Happy Birthday

24 Nov 2012


Today my little sister turned 50.
Can you imagine, my baby sister, 50. 


We cooked a special family lunch
She didn't want too much fuss.

The food was delicious.
Katie made the entree,
 tiny tarts filled with brie and cranberry sauce with a touch of orange zest.

I cooked some marinated butterflied  lamb, sweet little baby potatoes bathed in butter and some steamed asparagus.
A couple of salads, Greek and a Stilton and walnut salad plus some yummy condiments; mint jelly, aoli, yogurt with cucumber and garlic.

Mum made dessert, an apricot cheesecake and a couple of cream sponges.

My sister and me 1963

So that's it , now we are all in our 50s, next stop 60.

Me, mum and my sister 1987

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. Well best Birthday wishes for what sounded like a lovely day! :)

  2. What lovely photos and what a lovely day you all had. Happy birthday to your sister. And the food sounds yummy!

  3. A happy birthday to you Jenny's sister!

    Would Kate reveal her recipe Jenny? Those tarts sound delish.


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