7 Nov 2012

Clare and Bunny

For those of you who don't visit my dolly blog I wanted to share Miss Clare and her Bunny

I am so pleased with this doll.
Everything I am imagined her to be has happened.
Now she has a new home and I will be sad to see her go.

She is the biggest size doll I make, 20" tall and I just love this size .

Anyway, I just wanted to share.

7 Responses to “ ”

  1. she's lovely- what wonderful fabrics you used to make her cute outfit!

  2. She is indeed very cute. Her little outfit is so cute and the floppy bunny completes her. I bet the little person who gets to own her will be over the moon happy!

  3. You should be so proud! She is absolutely a dream!

  4. Gorgeous outfit and I love her hair colour.

  5. She is so lovely Jenny! I wish she was coming to live with me!


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