30 Nov 2012


Lately, and strangely, I have been taking pictures of myself, my face mostly.

In my head I carry a picture of how I look, it is me around  30, that's 23 years ago.

I see myself in the mirror and I don't see how that can be me.

So I started taking photos, no make up, ordinary lighting, ordinary me.
I marvel at how much I look like the women in my family, my aunties and older cousin, both my grandmothers.
I'm starting to get to know my new face, my middle age face and it's starting to become the image of me that I carry around in my head and that's fine.

me, just me

8 Responses to “Face”

  1. I love your pics, Jenny! :-) I'm about 10 years behind you. I've been thinking that I really want to embrace this season of life called middle age. You are doing it with such grace...

  2. I'm always surprised when I catch a glimpse of my reflection, it's not how I think I look. I like your idea of taking photos of your face, it might be a good way to realise that I've changed
    cheers Kate

  3. Terrific photos Jenny.

    I'm four years ahead of you, I'm starting to get used to the middle aged me. I am very envious of your gorgeous hair colour! Mine's still darkish with a lot of silver but I love your colour!

    In your second photo I am seeing my chin and mouth -- I wonder if we are related somewhere along the line?

  4. These are lovely photographs, Jenny. Your hair is a wonderful colour. I am the same age as you and as I get more grey, I am constantly being asked when I will start dyeing my hair - I would like to go grey gracefully and would be very pleased if my hair got to look like yours.

  5. Hi. What an interesting post. I like the photo of you. You look healthy and content. I am 57, and have a lot of gray in my light brown hair. It doesn't bother me, but it really bothers my mom, who is 82. She colors her hair, and thinks that I should too. I think my gray hair makes HER feel old!

    1. my mother is exactly the same. She is 81 and still dyes her hair because she doesn't want to look old and my grey hair definitely upsets her

  6. I know just what you mean....I feel 27 inside and then see my almost 43 year old face in the mirror and think, "is that me? oh, I suppose it is". I'm getting sprinkles of grey now too, I like them. I call them my "wisdom hairs". :) xx


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