Clare is ready for her new home.

2 Nov 2012

A little girl called Clare is all dressed up and ready to go.

She has the comfiest clothes.
A cute smock top with big pockets for treasures and a round collar for sweetness. 
It buttons down the back with three little wooden buttons.

She has corduroy pull on trousers trimmed with pretty cotton 
just like her smock top pockets 
and on her feet...

well she has the cutest, warmest , snuggliest wool felt shoes
 tied up with pretty green striped ribbon 
just like the ribbon in her hair.


 Pretty pleased with herself is little Miss Clare Carol O'Brien.

Clare will be in the shop tomorrow at 3.30pm my time. 
You can check for your time here.
She is 20" tall and $420 plus shipping.
I have already washed the yarn for her hair and the curls stayed put which is great.

Because she is a tall doll and because she weighs just under 800g ( 1.75lbs) and because she has small buttons on her smock top I think she is best suited to a loving child aged 5 years or older.

She can wear new born baby clothes and socks as well as some American Girl clothes so there are plenty of dress up  options. 
There will also be Best Friend size clothes in each of my clothing collections next year.

Clare can't wait to find out who her new family will be.

2 Responses to “Clare is ready for her new home.”

  1. Absolutely stunning! I adore her hair and sweet little face. I SO enjoying your posts Jenny!

  2. She is beyond cute! I love her hair style and color and her clothes are so sweet. I wish she were coming to my house!


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