25 Oct 2012

Tulips from Mr R's garden, gathered by my mum who was Mrs R's friend when she was alive.
Every year he shares the tulips with my mum.
He has a garden bed bursting with tulips, all the same colours, pink and stripey pink.

When Mrs R was sick and dying from cancer my mother cared for her friend's garden because that's the way she could show she cared about Mrs R,
she cared for the garden and then sat with her friend and they talked.

Mrs R died when my Katie was a babe in arms, about 15 years ago and my mum went on caring for her garden until she was forced to stop by my father's increasing dependence two years ago.

Every year Mr R shares the  tulips with my mum.

10 Responses to “Tulips”

  1. that is such a touching story, a shared caring interest blossoming into friendship that lasted. And is still ever lasting. The tulips are lovely too.

  2. The story and the flowers are so very beautiful.

  3. I agree with joyful, a beautiful story & beautiful tulips too.
    Cheers Kate

  4. That's a lovely way to help a sick friend, I bet the lady appreciated it and lovely that Mr R returns the kindness with the tulips. They are stunning!

  5. What a heartwarming story! Your mum sounds like a beautiful person!

  6. It is that type of kindness that touches a persons heart. When one loves their garden and can no longer take care of it and some one so lovingly does that for you. to sit and enjoy, yes that would bring joy to me.

    Lil Bit Brit

  7. I think caring for someone's garden is one of the sweetest gifts anyone can give. And I love that he shares the flowers with her, still. These sort of stories renew our belief that people are good.

  8. How beautiful...that has touched my heart.

  9. How beautiful! Both the flowers and the touching story of your mothers generosity and kindness. What a wonderful lady :)


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