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7 Oct 2012

Today we went to a pioneer craft fair that wasn't all it could be

 but the weather was glorious and Westbury was beautiful
 so we had some lunch on the Village Green and then went for a stroll around town

Katie and Where's Wally  ( Stephen) in the background.
We also bought some delicious afternoon tea at the White House Bakery 
and then went to Mum's to share it with her. 

5 Responses to “Westbury”

  1. Very 'pioneer' place:) And what's a wonderful dolls...

  2. Beautiful pictures Jenny!
    Love seeing pictures from around your part of the world. :0)

  3. Beautiful!!!!! love seeing a glimpse of your life, Jenny... ♥♥♥

  4. Love your photos of the old houses & church.

  5. How wonderfull I live in a village called Westbury in the uk lovely to see pictures of your Westbury xxx


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