Little Lucie Blue

3 Oct 2012


October has begun and the first of the Colour Project  Sweet Heart dolls is beginning to take shape.

 Little Lucie Blue seems to have taken on a life of her own and  is proving to be quite the little chatterbox.

 So many stories, and told with such enthusiasm 
she reminds me of my little boy blue, my chatterbox younger son Andy. 
Oh he used to make us laugh, 
even when he had no words,
 just baby babble,
 he always told his stories so well, 
even laughing at his own incomprehensible jokes.


So Lucie  is now just waiting for her boots 
and maybe a hat 
and if I can find it she wants her teddy bear too 
and then she will be ready to find her own family to love and entertain.
She is such a cuddly, giggly dumpling, 
she is sure to become someone's best friend.


5 Responses to “Little Lucie Blue”

  1. I am slain with love. Just learned I will become a great aunt in 2013. Finally someone to buy a doll for!

  2. Yes, she is really touchingly girl:)

  3. She is darling! I love the way you made her hair. So cute!


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