in the garden

29 Oct 2012

Yesterday the chooks and Charlie spent a rare day  free ranging in the garden. 
We have built them a new large yard so that we can get the rest of the garden in order so they are not often out in the garden.
Having said that, I do let Charlie out each evening after the chooks have gone to bed so she can have a swim in the pond which unfortunately couldn't be included in the new chook yard.
Anyway,Stephen wanted their help  yesterday to do a bit of scratching on the recently dug over parts of the vegetable garden. 
I knitted in the sunshine, Kate studied in the sunshine and Stephen worked on spreading the blackwood tree woodchips over the flower garden beds.

Yes, I should have been helping him but I had a special project I had to get finished so it could be a part of this auction
He did a fantastic job though on his own and the garden is looking just wonderful..

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