to Hobart

24 Oct 2012

Oh to be a cat curled up in a cosy corner, dreaming the day away until it takes your fancy to wake up and look for food in the kitchen or adventure in the garden or maybe just a new place to sleep.

A couple of weekends ago we went down to Hobart to visit the boys before they started swatting for exams which start this weekend.
Andy has his first exam on Saturday, isn't that awful, exams on Saturdays!

We left dry food in the laundry for the cats and they had to fend for themselves. We were only away for one night but they were very pleased to have access to the house when we came back and all four found cosy corners to sleep.

We stayed in a motel in Hobart, built in the hey day of the motel scene, in the late 50s.
 In the reception area of the motel they had a picture of the  same area when the motel opened and it was amazing, so truly mid century modern with  gorgeous chairs for guests to lounge in. 
All that is gone now but imagine what a wondrous place it could be if someone with a vintage heart bought it and restored it to its past glory. 
With Hobart now listed in the Top 10 cities to visit according to the Lonely Planet guides and this motel within a 5 minute drive from MONA, we could see it from our room,  it would be another great draw card, not in the MONA league of course but there are growing numbers of vintage enthusiasts looking for a mid century experience.
The picture above is the view from outside our room in the early morning looking across the Derwent. 
Oh and they even had the little doors in the wall of the motel room where the breakfast trays were pushed through.
 Remember those. 
They were covered up on the inside of the room but you could still see them on the outside wall.

We drove through Oatlands and visited Oatlands Handmade where after rousing Rowena out of her studio I bought some gorgeous hand dyed and hand spun yarns then we headed off in the direction of Rhyndaston and found some beautiful rural countryside. 
On to Richmond after that and then into Hobart and the boys.

We had a lovely weekend and it was a good break for the boys especially Andy who enjoyed having some food that didn't come from the college dining room.
Can you believe Louis finishes his Uni course this year though he is most probably doing honours next year.

4 Responses to “to Hobart”

  1. which college is Andy staying at? Harry is hoping to get some assistance so he can live at Jane Franklin in 2014. Next year he is having a gap year then it will be off to Hobart, oh change can be so scary and exciting at the same time. Only 1 year for me to get my head around it.

    cheers Kate

  2. He is at Jane Franklin and it has been a good experience for him. He is going to stay there again next year. The food can be a little dodgy but everything else is OK

  3. It's lovely that you all had special time together. Yes, I can remember the little doors that the breakfast tray was passed thru!

  4. Yes, wonderful that you had such a special time together! Sounds so lovely in your telling, and the pictures are beautiful!


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