Heidi Francesca

14 Oct 2012

 Heidi Francesca is pretty pleased with herself.
She is only a little dot, not much more than a toddler

 but if she stands up really straight and holds her head high 
she figures she looks old enough to go to school.

 Not yet my little one,
 you have a few more years at home,
 being someone's best friend,
 learning how to tie your shoes laces 
and braid your hair.

 Sometimes little ones are in such a rush to grow up and sometimes we try to hurry them on.

Sometimes it's best to just sit quietly for a while and dream some dreams and think up some wild imaginings and go into the garden and pick some flowers to make a fairy crown or get a blanket and throw it over some chairs and make a cosy hide away where you and your dollies can play and maybe a few pixies and elves will join you too.

Sometimes it's a good idea to sit quietly for a while and forget about rushing on to the next thing.

Heidi Francesca, little dot , sitting quietly, dreaming a dream.

( She is in the shop now)

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