daylight savings

7 Oct 2012


Daylight savings has begun, my early rising time is no longer early just average.
What stands between me and the end of the year is
the Launceston show,
 the November long weekend,
 my sister's 50th birthday,
 all the school end of year stuff, 
and a whole lot of doll creating. 

Not that I want the end of the year to come quickly but I stand here, an hour later than I thought it was and my first thought was, Damn, I'm behind already.

I truly have so much to do and I am going to have to be so organised so that it all runs smoothly.


Still I love this time of year, as the weather begins to warm up and the garden comes into full bloom. 
The daily job of lighting the fire and carting  firewood inside is replaced by the need to make sure the garden gets enough water. 
We still have all those woodchips to spread on the garden and we need to make a new yard for the chooks so they don't have to be chased off the vegie garden.

Well, time for another coffee and time to write a list I think, just so I feel like I know where I'm going this week.

Oh and after a few misunderstandings, little Brambleberry is in the shop waiting for a new home.


One Response to “daylight savings”

  1. We have a few more weeks before we turn our clocks back, but we are eating dinner when it is dark now. Time just keeps moving so quickly.


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