Custom dolls for 2013

30 Oct 2012


I have been spending a lot of time thinking about how I want to organise things for next year, 
most of that thinking and planning doesn't need to be shared 
but you might be interested in what is happening with custom dolls next year.


If you would like me to make a doll for you it is best to contact me though my etsy shop.

I have decided to limit the list to 11. 
That way the list doesn't drag off into the far distance, in my mind it is manageable and comfortable. 
As I near completion of each doll I will contact the next person on the list. 
Once I have made my way through those 11 orders I will open the books for more customs.

No deposit will be necessary and  when your custom doll is ready I will list it in  my Etsy shop as a reserved listing.
If you don't like the doll it will then be listed for general sale.
I do not charge extra for custom dolls though extra clothes will be charged for and some hair materials may cost more.
At this stage prices are as follows:

9" dolls - $150
12" dolls - $220
14" sweet child style doll - $245
16" dolls - $275
17" sweet child style doll - $330
20" best friend doll -$420

Prices are subject to change as necessary.

edit My custom book is now CLOSED.

Thank you


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