Clare Carol

8 Oct 2012

Clare Carol O'Brien

Clare Carol O'Brien, why O'Brien? 
Well, I'm glad you asked. 
When I was at uni, many long years ago in the late 1970s there was a guy in my classes who had hair just like this. 
It was the 70s, most of the guys had long hair, this guy's hair was probably long too but it was so crazy curly that it looked just like this and was this fantastic colour. 
You couldn't help but notice him.

I'm sure Clare enjoys the same star status with her wonderful hair.

Clare Carol O'Brien

Now she waits for clothes, she waits for my inspiration,
and in the meantime she has borrowed some of Charlotte's duds.

If all goes to plan she will be ready for the shop later this week.

Clare Carol O'Brien

4 Responses to “Clare Carol”

  1. Awww! I love her! I have curly hair too, but I only wish it were red instead of mousy brown. LOL!

  2. Sweet Clare. I have wild curly hair too, dark brown with grey hylights, ha.

  3. Lovely Jenny! With this haircolour you can vary endlessly! I'll check again soon to see what you came up with! Have fun!


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