Spring and beyond

12 Sep 2012


Lots of dolls lie between here and Christmas, many custom dolls promised earlier in the year that will be gifts for special people on Christmas morning and the balance of my time will be spent on dolls purely from my imagination.

shoes and socks

There is one more doll to come in my Spring Blossom collection, 
Miss Tilly will soon be ready to find a home once she leaves Grannie's house 
and I have two collections of dolls which I want to have ready for you before the end of the year.

wishing she could go outside to play

Much earlier in the year, when we spent some time on Bruny Island I wrote a story and promised I would make a doll to go with the story. 
I am hoping she will come together before Christmas, won't that be wonderful.
 I am almost too scared to start her in case I can't make what I have imagined. 
We will see, we will see.

Tina the toadstool sprite

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