27 Sep 2012

before the guys came to cut down the trees I decided it would be best to move the large patch of self sewn parsley that was thriving just near the peppercorn tree that was marked down for a trim.

I have never had much luck with planting parsley seeds, germination rate zero but  it happily  sows itself  around last years plants.

This patch of plants was nowhere near the original plants and I can only think that I must have added some trimmings complete with seeds to the compost only it wasn't really near the compost either.

I dug them up and planted them in the stainless cylinder from our old washing machine, I filled it with ordinary garden soil, popped the parsley in, gave a quick water and hoped for the best and promptly forgot about them.

I got the best, two weeks on and they are thriving.
Self sown plants really are the hardiest aren't they.

4 Responses to “Parsley”

  1. Jenny I remember reading in a novel (one of the Anne books maybe?) that parsley has to go to the devil seven times before it germinates. :)

  2. Rose's comment is hilarious. I had zero luck with cilantro this year. Didn't realize that it doesn't like heat. I replanted several times with young plants and just couldn't get it to grow. Last winter was so warm that my parsley didn't totally die off and then went to seed early in the summer. It never really came back all the way. Weird parsley year.

  3. I have Italian parsley, it comes back these last 2 summers. I have dried it and ground it up in a spice grinder. Parsley is wonderful, I love it!
    Susanne :)


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