24 Sep 2012


Monday morning was full of promise and sunshine.
School holidays have finished, uni holidays have finished, husband's holidays have finished and I was alone for the first time in forever.


So many things to do today but one thing kept nagging at me.
This gorgeous rainbow yarn has been sitting, waiting. 
Goodness it has even grown toadstools.


So, instead of all the other things I should have been doing I have been knitting and watching the weather as we go from sunshine to driving rain to rainbows and through it all again. 
It must be springtime.

I have begun a knitted baby who will look a little like this when all is finished.
Now I really must get the washing on the line and work out what we are having for dinner.

2 Responses to “Monday”

  1. Enjoy your playroom and your Spring...I am celebrating this past Saturday being our first day of Autumn :) Love the sweet dolls from your playroom..always a fun thing to visit. Blessings to you Jen


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