10 Sep 2012

Monday morning, first proper day of the school holidays.

The house has been full and busy for the past few days as the boys came home for mid semester break.
Now we have space again.

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  1. That's important. It's so nice to have everyone in the fold, isn't it?
    I've been noticing that my house holds more of me now. I'm still growing up myself.

  2. Special times, aren't they, those when we get to enjoy just a bit of what once was all always, for a little while again. You have a beautiful family, and they're all, each one, blessed that you've the deep-heart desire that you've always had and held to, for it to be so. You know, I always had a cyclamen plant--for years, and now I've {after far too many years without one) a hankering to have another. And, when I get one {and I'm going to} I'm going to name it little jenny wren, after you. I love you, Jenny. Thanks, for sharing your life, *from* your heart.

    And, I have a {whispered...} request {which you needn't feel at all pressured to honor}, do you think that you might share a few photos of your lovely doll making/creative space there at home? I know you have in the past, but it would be so nice, and like a bit of a visit if you could share one from right here, right now. I would love it, and thank you if you would. How much the better if another kind soul was to take the photo and you were situated in it, doing what you do~~creating away. Don't want to push my "luck" though {but it sure would be nice} xo


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