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Meiko, my sweetie

18 Sep 2012


This little girl Meiko has been such a surprise to me

She is the final Spring Blossom collection doll and to be honest I wasn't thrilled about making another pink haired doll.


I knew I wanted to use pink mohair and I knew I wanted her to have brown eyes.

She is a 17" Sweet Child doll, one of my favourite doll patterns.


When she came together I was so happy, 
she just happened and it was a lovely happening.


Once I met her I had an idea in my mind of her clothes.
Sometimes the idea doesn't quite make it into reality but this time it did.


I am just besotted with her.
I hope you like her too.

Meiko will be sold by auction tomorrow morning in my Hyena Cart shop


3 Responses to “Meiko, my sweetie”

  1. Jenny she is an absolute darling. She has clearly taken a bit of your heart with her too!

  2. She is just precious! I love her outfit and the colors you used. Very sweet!

  3. Dear Jenny, I've been on your blogspot before, but how will you know if I don't leave a comment? I think your dolls are absolutely very cute, like their little noses! And I find your colouradventures very daring and............succesful!
    Keep up the good works!You are in my 'favorites',
    Greetings Annasoer


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