19 Sep 2012

And so the deed is done.

The blackwood tree, a pine tree and half the peppercorn tree are gone.
The garden survives though it's a little battered and bruised.
half the unplanted vegie garden ended up on the concrete but now that the work is done we can set about doing some planting.
Though I shed a few tears and felt dreadfully guilty at the time I have to say I love the result.

The kitchen is so much lighter, I would never have believed it possible, the Blackwood wasn't close to the house but it did block out the sky.

We have a huge pile of woodchips to deal with. 
The smell that was fragrant is quickly turning to something not so nice and the pile is continually steaming away.

We can now see so many new possibilities with the garden but mostly I am loving seeing the sky.
The other trees, especially the apple trees look happy to have their headspace uncovered.

Stephen has stacked away all the wood to dry for coming years.
We are both enjoying the sense of renewal for the garden now that the old girl has gone.

3 Responses to “Gone”

  1. So much wood and mulch, and light in the kitchen. Sounds good.

  2. I'm so pleased you think so Jenny because I have to admit that when I saw the pics I thought the garden looked great too. Change is good.

  3. I know you hated the tree to be brought down but you will be warmed by the fire from her logs come winter. With old trees comes memories of children climbing its boughs and birds building nests and of course the shade to cool the house. You will have new ideas of what to do to make things pretty again and I'm sure your garden will flourish with some nice warm sunlight.
    Susanne :)


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