Blackwood tree

11 Sep 2012


Next week we get a new back garden

badger and maggie in the blackwood tree

The mighty blackwood tree that has been the backdrop to our lives here is to be cut down


I can't tell you how sad this makes me feel

Blackwood tree

I don't think I can be here when it happens.
Yesterday Stephen pulled down the platform that had seen so many sword fights and tea parties and so much hanging around, deciding on games.

He pulled down the rope ladder, the swing, the rope that had held the tyre swing.

She is naked now, prepared for surgery.
She will become firewood and mulch and help to care for the family she has shared her garden with for so many years.

decorated blackwood 1

decorated blackwood tree 2

decorated blackwood 3

decorated blackwood 4

The tree man says she is unwell, that pruning won't help, her time has come.
Good bye blackwood tree.


12 Responses to “Blackwood tree”

  1. Makes me so sad too~~with you, and for you. I don't think I'd be able to be there either. This was such a lovely sharing of your heart's treasured remembrances, and now, sad farewell. Very beautifully said, dearest {little jenny wren} xo

  2. Don't be there if you can help it Jenny. When we were young things with no idea of gardening we planted a red flowering gum about two metres from our bedroom window. It shot up in no time and for twenty odd years it towered over the house, rustling and casting welcome shade over the west facing front of the house. In time it cracked the sewerage pipes as well as the driveway so it had to come down. I missed it unbearably for about a year but Tony made a rose garden of it which I love.

    1. We didn't plant the Blackwood, the tree guy reckons it's about 80 years old, as old as the house. It has stopped our apple tree from bearing as much as they should because of the shadow it casts though that makes for a lovely shady place in the middle of summer. It is alos loved by all the birds in the neighbourhood who will miss it I'm sure.

    2. So sad. God byes are so very painful.

  3. Hugs Jenny, another chapter in your life.

    cheers Kate

  4. So sad that your tree can't be saved. Will you plant another tree, so that another family may enjoy the shade that it will cast in the years to come?

  5. Where a tree is chopped down other trees get the chance to grow.

  6. I always feel sad when trees have to go but at least the firewood will keep you warm - completes the cycle some how as I guess you put your fire ashes back on the garden.

    The upside is that you'll have a sizeable "planting opportunity", something you don't always have in an established garden. Have fun filling the space.

  7. Really! How sad. She looks so beautiful and fine. What an end to an era.

  8. It's always sad when something that's taken so long to grow takes just minutes to come down. Yet if the tree surgeon says it's time, then it's time. I love how you've put floral wreaths as a tribute to the memories she's left with you.

  9. Cant you save some wood and get it milled up ? I think the minimum size a lot of saw millers will take is about 6 foot long but it depends on their equipment. You should be able to get enough wood to make a table or something to remember the tree by.


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