Adventurous Nell

11 Sep 2012

waiting for her shoes to be made

I have been working on little Nell for the past few days. 
She began as an experiment to continue my work on my new old vintage doll based on the pattern  of the doll I made in a doll making class many years ago.

nudie rudie Nellie girl

Nell insisted on being made, being given hair and a face. 
Once that commitment was made and she was such a cutie I went ahead and made her clothes.

my clothes are almost finished

I knitted everything, sometimes that is just how it has to be,
 nothing else suits or even comes close.

Phew, much safer inside, and no wind.

So Nell is a little bigger than the first new old doll.
 She is made from swiss tricot rather than my usual choice for doll skin and so she feels quite different. 
Her feet are different too, a more shaped foot 
and a slight change in the way the legs are attached to the body.

Time to play blocks

She is a good little sitter and block player.

found some daffodils broken in the wind, so pretty

She was determined to explore in the front garden, the wind was cold and very gusty.
 Not the best conditions for photos but I was also determined to take her pictures for the shop. 
We are both as bad as each other.

Watch out Nell, there is a big gnome behind you. RUN!

  The session came to an end when the gnomes got a bit nasty
 and when I remembered I needed to go and feed my on holiday neighbours cats. 

Goodness he's seems an aggressive little chap. I must have woken him from his nap.

Nevertheless I have popped her in the shop but I will no doubt have to redo her pictures. 
 I think it's the wind, it makes you crazy determined even when you know it's not the best idea.

I hope you enjoy Nell, you can find her in the shop if you want to know more.

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