Abigail Springblossom

6 Sep 2012

Today is Abigail Springblossom's big day.
Shop day!
It started off quietly with some special time  with her best buddy Charlotte.

Abbie is a 20" tall best friend style doll so she can sit nicely in a high chair 
and she doesn't even need the tray to keep her safe.
She is the first doll in my Spring Blossom Collection.

She can also stand but that isn't really a good idea is it, to stand in your high chair.

 She can also get a bit silly and tie herself in knots in the high chair so it's probably best to move to a different spot for the rest of the photos.

Making stuff, trying to make a car but how???

Hmm, I don't think there are enough pieces.
 Perhaps it can be a bar bell weight.

New hairstyle...

...very cute, Miss Abbie.

Abbie will be in the shop in about an hour's time.

2 Responses to “Abigail Springblossom”

  1. She is gorgeous, really adorable! I love the little outfit too. Jolene

  2. She is just lovely and beautiful photos too. I love her little dress.


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