Wednesday is Sewing Day

15 Aug 2012

pretty new fabrics that just arrived

Wednesday tends to be sewing machine day around here. 
First thing I write a list of all the things I would like to make and then when the troops have left for school and work I get myself set up in the boys' bedroom. 
I have my radio on and the curtains pulled right back to let in all the lovely light and then I get started working my way through my list.

I have to say I often stall. 
Sometimes finding the right fabric is a struggle and sometimes a certain fabric leads me off in an entirely different direction.

getting ready to sew some lambskin wigs

Today I have to sew some doll bodies as well as a new dress for Tilly.
 I also have in mind a new rag doll but she might have to wait. 
There are a couple of naked dolls desperate for clothes and I need to make some lambskin wigs as well.

After a day of sewing I will most likely settle down this evening with something good to watch and my knitting, dolly or family whatever I feel like.
 I always have knitting on the go, don't you.

birthday flowers from Mum's garden

3 Responses to “Wednesday is Sewing Day”

  1. I try to have Monday and Tuesdays to sew, but inevitably something crops up and it's not very polite to turn down invitations to go out with friends or talk to someone on the phone. I always have knitting or crocheting on the go - or some hand sewing that I can do whilst watching T.V. x

  2. I'm not very good at knitting. Although, I do need to practice more. I usually bring my crochet with me - or if the project is small, my hand sewing. It's quite the conversation starter. Inevitably someone always comes up and asks what I'm making and that, "it's a lost art". I just feel lost if my hands aren't occupied.


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