27 Aug 2012

Spring and being 53, 
feels pretty good.

I think I actually feel all grown up.
Go me!

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  1. Yay you indeed! I'm 53, too! I will be 54 next month and I'm so happy that my birthday is in the fall. I can pop over and see spring at your spot!

  2. Happy birthday...
    I have been reading your back posts as I so miss your daily life writing I was reading your mar 2008 posts...
    Wonderfully written...
    Can you write more about your day and some more food photos .i loved the almond jam rolls made by Kate

  3. Happy Birthday Jenny
    I love your daily writing too,have a lovely day.

  4. Since I'm trying so hard to get back to some daily reading, I'm with all/and my vote too, should count, I'm thinkin'. There was nothing quite so warmly-wonderful as your doings-of-your-days writings. So, yeah, you're 53 now, and all grown up, maybe you should just go for it! And, well, since we have the requests rolling, what about a photo of the lovely, smiling-eyed, brand-newly 53 you--I could really go for that!? I hope today is a wonderful day for you, sweet friend. Your cup, saucer, and spoon are delightful! xo


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