30 Aug 2012

picture of me from earlier this year

It was rainy yesterday and after taking Katie to the dentist I stoked up the fire and started working on some dolls but it took so long to get things done. 
All day long I worked and had a lovely bald 20" doll finished at the end of it but goodness me those big dolls take a lot of time.
To keep me company while I worked I watched a couple of old movies and then some episodes of the Waltons. 
We just have the one series so I know the episodes quite well and I enjoy them but I get really cross with the knitwear that John Boy wears.
 It doesn't look to me like 1930s style and it doesn't look handmade.
  Picky, picky, picky.

Of course I can't find a picture of the vest or jumper ( sweater ) that he normally wears but I found this one and it looks machine made and shop bought to me.
 Don't you think Grandma or Mama Walton would have been knitting for their family?

What are you knitting at the moment?
 I do so much dolly knitting I barely get anything else done, just lots of good intentions.

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  1. Okay, I've been gone *all day*. All day, I tell you. All day. I just made this big deal/from my heart supper for George, even though I'd been gone (yeah, like I said) ALL DAY. I'm *really* tired. *Really tired*. A good tired, but still, really tired is really tired (are you hangin' with me here, sister? Sure you are, you'll probably just have gotten up when you read this ;o). So, all-this-much in mind, here's the thing. After supper was done (and I was pretty much done, too) I came and sat down at the computer for a minute (secretly hoping that George might find it in *his* heart to start the dishes. True confession, here ;o). I popped on over to your bloggity and well, well, well, happy surprise of the day~~there you were, in all of your warm and lovely beauty. My eyes filled with tears as I tried to read, but kept lookin' back at sweet you. George came over to see what I got so quiet about and transfixed on. (Okay, you've *really* got to appreciate this, he's my hubby of nearly 30 years, right?) He took one look at your picture and started whacking me on the back and saying with the excitement of amazement and disbelief, "Jewels! That's Jenny?! That's Jenny?! She looks just like you!! Look, (as he pointed out likeness after likeness)she looks like she is you there! Wait 'til Georgie sees this picture of Jenny, he won't believe how much she looks like you/like she is you!" (this went on for a while, all right?). And, so, like I said, I was gone all day, and I'm really tired, so if I hurt your feelings by telling you all of that I'm sorry, okay ;o) It's just the truth, what he said. He thinks I'm really cute if that helps (and, so, obviously, thinks you're super cute, too ;o). And, I think you're super cute. I really, big-time took it as a compliment and am going to go to bed smiling--with my squinty eyes, that I like to think are loveliest smiling eyes just like yours. I don't know if this comment's going to take, because it's more of a letter, but, I had to write you best I could before.......drumroll....going to bed (of course. I'm way too tired to go out dancing), and tell you you are the sweetest and best. You're a dear, and you're beautiful. I feel so honored to think that of all people my husband would take one look at you and say that that dear woman looks (just--I tell ya, that's what he said, *just*) like me! Love to you beloved little jenny wren. Thanks for sharing that beautiful picture, and making the day (and night). I got 18 honey dew melons for $9.00 today (that's 50 cents apiece, right? I think so, but I'm too tired to be sure), and the "little ones" are in "honey dew melon heaven", just thought I'd share that little bit of a something of today with you to follow up the other news that might be somewhat shocking to you, as a bit of "an arm around you to hold you up"! ;o) xo

    1. he, he, he, go to bed Jewels, my mad twin sister. Night night.

    2. oh and tell George I think he is pretty cute too ;)

  2. P.S. And, I'm with you on the vest! ;o)

  3. I love seeing you back in this space. I'm knitting a tea leaves cardi for myself, and just about to start crocheting the edge around a single bed blanket I'm making for Mahalia. I don't knit anywhere as much as I'd like.

    cheers Kate

  4. I agree about John Boy and that sweater vest. The only thing I believe I have ever seen going on with the Walton women is sewing and quilting, some gardening and cooking, maybe canning. We watch them all the time on the Hallmark Channel. Yeah, you would think grandma would have been knitting up a storm. LOL, your post made me laugh, lol
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. I have Waltons series 1-6 on DVD and I have seen Livvy knitting and Grandma crocheting. Grandma also teaches Erin to crochet a gift for Livvy in one episode.

  6. I didn't like The Waltons because of the underlying sadness. It was such a difficult time in America.
    Come to think of it though, I did like the Thanksgiving special and I watched it while babysitting when I was a teenager.
    Your hair looks so cute, Jenny.

  7. LOL ;o) I'm still smiling about it all this morning {the you and me} that those most dear to me see! Rosie, saw the picture this morning and chimed in with George in like kind (so sweet). And that George, well, he'll be so tickled to think that you think he's pretty cute, too (though, he never reads any blogs unless I hail him over to/and I just might have to, this time, and I never would have told him if you would have said that you thought that he was homely! ;o) Okay, dear, precious, soul sister of my heart, thanks again for being you, being you so well, and for sharing you with me and everyone else. What did you do today (and, in your tellings, know that you're stirring up rumblings of thinkings and feelings in me, that maybe I might be able to one day blog again, too, the--however much or sometimes seemingly little--that I'm doing too, in return. Thanks for that, also)?? xo

    P.S. I wrote the above the day before yesterday, I think, and here it still is. I didn't hit send, I guess. So, just so you know, so it makes just enough sense! Hope you're having a good weekend. I'm off to a friend's home birth sometime this morning! Smiling at you across the miles, little jenny wren.

  8. I love the self-portrait, Jenny :-)



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