heart thoughts

20 Aug 2012

100 followers here on my little blog. 
Welcome everyone.
 I have become an inconsistent blogger after many years of blogging several times a week on my little jenny wren blog  so I am grateful to have a loyal band of readers.
 Thank you.

Spring is slowly coming to the Playroom, we still have plenty of cold weather ahead but I can see some daffodils and crocus when I  look out the window and certainly the little birds are getting very busy around the garden.


The need for a fresh start and new goals seems to be pressing at the moment. 
What does the future hold for little jenny wren dolls, how do I want to organise my time, should I even have long term goals or just continue to let things grow  and develop organically.

Six years ago I opened my Etsy shop, fourteen years ago I made my first doll, when I was a teenager I knew I wanted to make things and have people buy them, my first venture was small macrame wall hangings when I was 13.

P1130680 - Copy

Early this year when we were enjoying the peace and beauty of Bruny Island I spent many stolen moments scribbling in my journal, scribbling dolly stories, yet to be published, scribbling how I want my life to be and what part my art will play in that life, scribbling how I want little jenny wren dolls to be.
 Many, many thoughts poured out of me and then when we left the island I put the book away, forgot what I had written and got on with life. 
This week I will pull my notes out again and read my scribbled heart thoughts. 

I would love to hear how you see little jenny wren dolls, if you think things should change at all.
 I know it is my business, my work, my life but you are my little fan club, you enjoy my work enough to read my ramblings. 
I feel the stirrings of change but it's that time of the year and maybe all that is needed is for me to tidy my work table, re read my notes, play with some yarn and fabric and then get on.
 I am so lucky to be doing what I do and to have people who like my work enough to buy it and I am very grateful. 
Thank you.


4 Responses to “heart thoughts”

  1. Ah stirrings, spring isn't riz yet but it's on the way. What an excellent idea to read those scribblings, you may find some new ideas in there or affirmation to go on as things are. Whatever you do, enjoy dear friend. Big hugs.

  2. I see no need for change unless you feel it would be best for you. I'm enjoying the stories you've put with your precious dolls.

  3. I love your work and love seeing your pictures and reading what you are doing in your home.:)

  4. When I am old and in a nursing home I want to have one of your beautiful Waldorf dolls to clutch to my heart. Yes, I know that sounds odd. But at the beginnings and endings of life it's good to have a doll.

    A doll is the projection of the love in one's heart. If you are happy making dolls, make them. If you want to use them as story illustrations, use them.


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